По углам застыла милая свобода, Машет мне рукою, оставляя тень. А ее улыбка, без лица, без рода. Просто не мой день....
it was a cloudless sky so attractive and bright... fresh air was caressing my wings I was getting up building my invisible way... Sun was warming my body; sunbeams were playing in my hair... I was smiling, looking up so high... My hands were reaching to something beautiful, so real and so far at same time.... but suddenly an arrow went through my heart blooded my wings, bringing pain.
I took more air but useless
Weakness came so fast, It was like in bad dream losing high falling down. But what is there?
Stones? Ocean? Or heavy dry ground?
Where I’m going to fall
I smashed against some jagged rocks, trying to stand up
But whatta? Where are my wings? Ahh I lost them somewhere maybe air force took them?
My knees were in blood so weak shaking, my tears where useless running down the cheeks like little rivers
It was so cold and dark... and nobody around
Darkness was scarring me; I hug myself with cold hands walking through that black rock desert seeking the way back flyy flyy i loved the sky
Clear air
Rainbow and happiness
I missed them, bleeding between the cold
I sat on ground licking my wounds
I looked up
Nothing.... just grey clouds - no hope... No spark
I closed my eyes falling asleep... Feeling like heart starts beating slower getting in coma breath slowly got silent and gone
I’m sleeping……..

@музыка: Laika - Breather

@настроение: Моральная усталость....