По углам застыла милая свобода, Машет мне рукою, оставляя тень. А ее улыбка, без лица, без рода. Просто не мой день....
Pure shores were washed away with my dreams, were vanished with my thoughts running so far away, where sun never stop burning the earth drowned into sin and love. I was under shining sky, raising my hands up, feeling my heart inside of ordinary human body u love so much.
I had no idea how could I keep that perfect love inside my little body under my chest that moving up and down while I’m breathing, smelling your hair, feeling your hands….
You was always my dream so real and so far at same time, I was free to tell you “I love you baby!”

We were watching each other……. eye to eye - straight look, but then u closed your eyes and bond burst. I lost you becoming a blind just born puppy so helpless and weak, seeking warm body, love and understanding.

I was creeping like a little worm but then u found me again. You opened your warm arms to me making me cry of incomprehension, fear and helplessness….. I was lost again holding my bleeding heart pressing it to chest. My wall was broken, my eyes lost their color because tears washed it away…..
You know, I love you! Really love you, but I’m wingless to get up again and fly in pinky clouds. My hands are broken to hold you, my lips are dry to kiss you…….. But my inner feelings yell, shout that I love you!!!!!!!!!!!! I really do…. .